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Strong women: Cara Delevingne - Beauty with depth (with VIKA jewels necklaces)

Cara Delevingne and her VIKA jewels horizontal stick necklace stick bodychain recycled sterling silver
Cara Delevingne and her VIKA jewels horizontal stick necklace stick bodychain recycled sterling silver

Cara Delevingne is probably known by almost everyone. The British top model started her career at a young age and within 5 years she became the most booked model of the early 21st century. In summary, her model vita can be read as follows:

"Delevingne's modeling career begins in 2010 with photos for the catalog of the British online mail order company ASOS. A few months later, the fashion company Burberry makes them the new advertising icon of its campaigns. Engagements for Fendi, Chanel, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton follow. In 2012, Chanel choose her as the face of the year"[1].

But as early as 2015, the young talent hung up her modeling career for her following acting career? You are probably asking yourselves now: Why? Quite simply. The beautiful British woman is not afraid to talk about the unpleasant sides of life and the modeling business. So she uses her platform, and it is damn big (45 million followers on Instagram alone), to talk about important topics. What exactly? Animal welfare, sexism in the fashion industry, up to shitty interviews where she was taken rather less serious.

cara delevingne vika jewels rings

Furthermore, in interviews she makes no secret of her depressions, which she even tried to combat with medication until the age of 18. She even talks about a suicide attempt that she made at a young age.

"I just couldn't handle it anymore. I realized how lucky I am and how privileged I live. But the only thing I wanted was to die. I felt so guilty about it and hated myself for it. Then a cycle developed out of it. I just did not want to exist anymore. I wanted every molecule in my body to dissolve. I wanted to die," she told the magazine. "I ran into the woods, smoked a whole pack of cigarettes and threw my head hard against a tree. I just wanted to pass out," she described a suicide attempt. [2]

In the meantime she has found other ways to deal with her depressive episodes and describes the stopping of medication and feeling emotions as the best thing that could have happened to her.

But who exactly is Cara Delevingne?
A child of British high society, because her grandfather was the founder of the radio station "Radio Caroline" and editor of the magazine "Queen". Janie Sheffield, her grandmother, was a chambermaid in the court of Princess Margaret and she is also the godchild of the British actress Joan Collins, who should be known to some people from the "Denver Clan".

Her distinctive sign?

Your dark eyebrows - of course! Modeling has not always been easy for her, because Cara suffers from psoriasis, which is especially apparent under stress. Modeling is not good for her soul, said the model once. Or more precisely: "I am happy about the work I am allowed to do. But I have used the work to cover it up.The result was that I suffered from total exhaustion"[3].

Acting seems to suit her as well and above all: to make more fun. In addition, the young beautiful British woman is musically talented and loves to play the drums. Singing is also one of her passions and so she already recorded 2 albums, but rejected the following record deal. Reason for this: her name should be changed. A young woman who knows what she wants. Nice!

She talks about topics that are important to her and does not mince her words. She communicates just as openly about her bisexuality and says very clearly: she falls in love with people, not with gender. As a pansexual she is therefore a representative of the LGBTQ community and encourages young people [4].

Her (Instagram) motto?

"Embrace your weirdness!" - how suitable... and sympathetic!

This is what VIKA found when she met the young British woman by chance in a café on Bali and took the opportunity to present her jewelry. She and Cara got into conversation and VIKA's first impression was confirmed: what a friendly, charming, young woman.

Not a bit "over the top" - on the contrary: rather "down-to-earth".

VIKA's initial excitement should quickly be put into perspective, because although she had never been in contact with a celebrity of this class before and was visibly nervous when approaching the model and her followers in the restaurant "La Favela", she was greeted by a friendly and empathetic Cara Delevingne. Previously, two friends on VIKA had told her that this was now her chance to bring her jewelry to the woman live and directly. And then Cara as well. It could not be just a coincidence that their paths crossed on the island. But before VIKA packed up all her courage and went to the restaurant, she quickly grabbed a scooter and drove to a clothing store, for which she happened to have a voucher in her pocket, and dressed up. Her appearance should finally succeed and leave an impression!

With a polite "Sorry, I don't want to interrupt your meal but I would like to make a present for Cara", VIKA opened the dialogue and Cara smiled at her. After she had told the model about her career and project "VIKA JEWELS", Cara decided to choose a necklace (model: Horizontal Stick Necklace), rings (model: Beaucoup de vent Ring, Vent Ring and Vent Ring midi), a bracelet (model: Bridge Bracelet medium) and some more jewels from VIKA's first collection. She also promised to send her photo of the worn jewelry and took her card with gratitude. Of course you can buy the jewelry here in the online store.

That the model seemed to really like the jewelry was discovered by VIKA one month later on Instagram, where she found pictures of Cara including the jewelry. And who knows, maybe the two will meet again in the future - by chance. 
cara delevingne vika jewels stick bodychain met gala 2015





About the author:

NADINE studied Roman Languages (B.A.), International History of the Modern Age (M.A.) at the University of Bonn and completed several internships and semesters in other European countries. She now lives in Berlin and works as a freelance author, speaker and model. On her blog and instagram she shares personal experiences from her everyday life as a bisexual woman and representative of the LGBTQ scene and talks about alternative relationship concepts. In her opinion, self-love is the key to free love and, interestingly enough, you can reach it through your own sexuality. As a speaker you can hear her speaking in various podcasts and on TV appearances. It's not just about sex, it's about sexual education, or better said: sexual (self-)awareness.