Recycled sterling silver jewelry. 18ct gold plated
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INES & VIKA - Strong women, strong results

INES & VIKA - Strong women, strong results
INES & VIKA - Strong women, strong results

Ines Anioli is probably known to everyone at least since the podcast "Better than Sex", which she hosted together with Leila Lowfire until August 2019. The Duisburg native woman is also represented on Instagram, from where she lets her followers participate in her everyday life and is hailed for it. Some would describe her humor as rough or even boundless, others as authentic and genuine.

She says what many people think, but only few openly express.

Even though the success podcast is a thing of the past, Ines humor can still be followed live on stage, or even on her Instagram account. With her "Cumedy"-Tour she was already on the road all over Germany and is currently on a Corona forced break. Nevertheless, there is hope: Her new tour "GODDESS" will possibly take place on occasional dates in autumn. Wait and see.

Ines Anioli is also the founder of the Smalltitsclub, a clothing and accessory label, which sells sweatshirts, T-shirts and stylish jogging pants, as well as fanny packs, caps and of course mouthguards. Their motto? "All tits are beautiful! Their core value? Sustainability! Everything is produced organic, vegan and fair. Simply genuine, as well as their style and humor. Just like Ines.

Empowerment, organic, vegan & fair.

Basic values that are also represented by the jewelry label "VIKA Jewels". A cooperation of the two women is of course not really absurd. But what can their fans look forward to? VIKA and Ines have designed and produced a gold earring, which is not by chance Ines favorite model. This sustainable gold jewelry is produced in Bali, just like the other jewelry pieces from VIKA's collections. There is not only recycled silver, but also gold. Great thing! And all this in a factory run by women - keyword: empowerment.

However, the collection includes more than just a gold earring, as there are other magical designs in silver, set with freshwater pearls or zirconia stones (a diamond imitation).

GODDESS herself stood in front of the camera for her collection. Here you can see the impressive results. 

ines anioli x vika jewels schmuck ohrring earring ear cuff

ines anioli x vika jewels schmuck Ohrring earring ear cuff

 kines anioli x vika jewels ohrring ear cuff earringj

 About the author:

NADINE studied Romance Languages (B.A.), International History of the Modern Age (M.A.) at the University of Bonn and completed several internships and semesters in other European countries. She now lives in Berlin and works as a freelance author, speaker and model. On her blog and instagram she shares personal experiences from her everyday life as a bisexual woman and representative of the LGBTQ scene and talks about alternative relationship concepts. In her opinion, self-love is the key to free love and, interestingly enough, you can reach it through your own sexuality. As a speaker you can hear her speaking in various podcasts and on smaller TV appearances. It's not just about sex, it's about sexual education, or better said: sexual (self-)awareness.