Recycled sterling silver jewelry. 18ct gold plated
Designed in Berlin. Handmade in Bali. Shipping worldwide


Made in Bali from recycled sterling silver, VIKA is a modern environmentally-conscious fine jewelry brand. Streamlined, delicate, sexy – VIKA oozes a timeless sophistication that transcends fashion. 

 VIKA jewels designer VIKA Victoria Kagalska Sterling Silver Jewelry jewellery

Born in Odessa and raised in Cologne, Vika Kagalska spent ten years as an international model while pursuing a Business Psychology degree. Passionate about fashion, Vika’s time on the runway inspired her to create high-end jewelry that looks beautiful on every body. 


On Bali, Vika turned this inspiration to action. Absorbing the cosmic energy of The Island of the Gods, inspired by the jungle and the wildness all around her, Vika turned these wild jewels into shimmering designs – each and every piece, something she wears herself; and each representing a feeling, a memory, an experience.

Most of the pieces are produced directly on Bali, using environmentally-conscious materials and production methods, made by local artisans. This helps keep the prices affordable, making the pieces accessible for everyone. 

VIKA pieces flow seamlessly on the body. They become part of you. They communicate self through style. Since its launch, each VIKA collection has been designed to flow into the next – pieces from any collection pair seamlessly with each other. 

While jewelry may once have been a status symbol, contemporary pieces are an expression of individuality. VIKA Jewels aren’t a mere accessory; they are an extension of herself to you, uniquely designed to emphasize your beauty.