VIKA jewels designer VIKA Victoria Kagalska Sterling Silver Jewelry jewellery

Victoria Kagalska



Odessa born and Cologne bred, VIKA started modeling when she was seventeen and modeled internationally for ten years while studying Business Psychology in College. She always had a passion for fashion, and during her time as a model, she saw the need to bring the high-end fashion jewelry of the runway to the everyday woman.


She lights up as she tells me, "My two amazing children, Milou and Jacques, inspire and surprise me every day." While spending some time with them in their happy place, ‘The Islands of the Gods’, her passion for creating sterling silver jewelry was ignited. As she absorbs the cosmic energy and inner peace that the magical island of Bali has to offer, she remembers, "I felt inspired by the jungle and the organic wildness that comes along with it. I feel that my jewelry is a connection to the universe and nature, you may call them, jewels from the wild."

 “My pieces are created from what I see around me, and every piece is something that I wear, I design for myself and my friends. There isn’t a piece in my collections that I have not personally worn and each collection represents a feeling of what I was experiencing at that moment in my life. My pieces flow seamlessly on the body; they become part of you, a communication of the self through style."


At work or play, dress them up dress them down, from work meeting to the dance floor, they flow from day to night. From the beginning, each collection has been designed to flow into the next; a piece from the first collection will pair seamlessly with a piece from her newest.

She describes her designs as “Bringing the best of the past into the future with an evocation of style”. Her distinctive design shines throughout her collections, bringing every piece together, in truly recognizable VIKA style.

In her own words, “There is already so much of everything in the world, there is no need to use new silver. Being environmentally conscious with my material and production is very important to me and something that I am passionate about. The people of Bali inspire me, and I wanted to give something back to the island that has given me so much. I like to hire local talent, and I mainly source my materials locally, with some added Italian flair, my chains are produced in Italy.”  She wanted to create something affordable using recycled sterling silver made in Bali, which makes every piece accessible for the everyday fashion-forward woman. What she likes to call “recycled and environmentally friendly fashion”.

She has a worldwide clientele, although designed in Berlin and produced in Bali; this is an international brand, for every woman, from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe. This is one of the reasons that she likes to use different models for each shoot, to show the versatility of her jewelry. They adorn and accentuate the beauty of anyone who wears VIKA.

At one time, jewelry may have been used to represent someone's status; now contemporary jewelry is an expression of individuality. The elegantly simple recycled sterling silver creations of VIKA Jewels emphasize the beauty of the wearer, instead of just gleaming. They are a reflection of personal style, a way to silently express your personality through fashion.

VIKA Jewels aren’t a mere accessory; they are an extension of herself to you, the wearer. Beautiful, streamlined, and delicately sexy wearable style that oozes timeless contemporary sophistication with a high-end aesthetic that transcends fashion. 

Written by Natalie Revell