Recycled sterling silver jewelry. 18ct gold plated
Designed in Berlin. Handmade in Bali. Shipping worldwide


VIKA Jewels Victoria Kagalska Schmuck jewellery designer Fotograf Marcel Kamps VIKA UND IHRE JUWELEN
VIKA Jewels Victoria Kagalska Schmuck jewellery designer Fotograf Marcel Kamps VIKA UND IHRE JUWELEN

Vika is one of those strong women who dared to make her vision come true. I had the luck to meet this special woman in Cologne and to learn more about her and VIKA Jewels. Founder and CEO Viktoria talks about her business idea, her personal conviction and what is especially important to her in her work.

"On the one hand it is important to me to guarantee each piece of jewellery its special value and since each piece inspires me individually at some point and reflects a certain phase of my life, it takes time until new designs are created. On the other hand, it is also an important matter of heart for me that no resources are wasted or contracts cannot be kept due to pressure or disproportionate production. Fairness is the be-all and end-all at VIKA Jewels - Fair Trade as well."

(Victoria Kagalska.)

…sustainable diamonds are a girls best friend.  

The beautiful Ukrainian woman lost her heart to the island of Bali and found inspiration for her life's dream in this magical place. As a single mother, the former model currently lives in Cologne and is currently busy with her new collection. 

VIKA Jewels is a brand that produces and sells sustainable silver jewellery.

Sustainability is a particularly important topic in today's world. Especially in the jewellery industry, especially since cheap costume jewellery chains and mass-produced goods that are harmful to the climate supply the shops and online shops to a large extent and promote the disposable culture considerably. Jewellery is nowadays - like so much else - short-lived and can quickly go out of fashion.

In the social media, which now dominate the marketing concepts and strategies of all advertising agencies, there is a rapidly growing awareness of sustainability and more and more influencers, as well as marketing campaigns on the topic of "sustainability" - whether in the food, beauty, fashion or even jewelry sector, conquer the news feeds of loyal subscribers on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. 

Who doesn't know it?

The bracelet for 10 Euro, the necklace for maybe 20 Euro or the nice cheap silver ring, which has to be taken along immediately, because at home there is this one beautiful dress hanging and it would look wonderful with it. The summer passes by, the dress hangs in the closet and the ring moves over the winter in one of the rear jewelry boxes and after the dress has not survived the spring cleaning, the ring no longer fulfills its purpose. Sad. For the ring, because it hasn't really come out at all. Except for the few times the dress was occasionally taken out.

But what about the ring?

Selling is not really an issue with this cheap purchase and from a fashion point of view the ring has already exceeded its half-life anyway. So get rid of it - or give it away. That always works! One thing is certain: It wasn't a really well-considered purchase, it wasn't really in relation to anything else. The manufacturing and production process was not worth the trouble. Resources were wasted and not in a fair way - on the contrary! That is the definition of fast fashion.

The art is therefore to create pieces of special value that appear timeless and give the owner a higher added value than the purely fashionable idea.

 Question: What exactly does your customer get when she shops at VIKA Jewels?

Vika: She gets a unique, sustainably produced, individually inspired piece of jewellery made of recycled sterling silver, designed in Europe and finished in Asia, which is in no way inferior to a high-fashion piece in elegance and conscientiousness in its workmanship, as well as timeless yet contemporary, stylish design. My pieces of jewellery are also unique and therefore contain more than the pure silver content.

Why does Bali have such a special value in your business, after all it is more than just a production site, right? 

Vika: The island plays a special role in my life. I have been travelling to this magical place regularly since 2009 and I find it difficult to leave it every time. My two wonderful children and I currently live in Cologne.  Making my own line of silver jewellery gives me the feeling of giving the island back a little bit. 

Question: Slow Fashion focuses primarily on fairness for both consumers and producers. To what extent is VIKA Jewels committed to fair working conditions and production processes? 

Vika: Meanwhile, the designs are created in Berlin, but the silver is processed further in Bali in the factory of a Swiss woman with whom I have a good relationship. I trust her and value her as a person very much. The factory was already founded in 1986 and it is a good feeling to know that the entire production process is fair for all parties involved and the same applies to all those involved in the manufacturing process: fairness.  The factory is also a nice example of an emancipated factory or workplace management in the Southeast Asian region, which I, as business owner, support with all my heart and out of personal conviction. There are still family ties here, which is why I too feel at home every time I visit the production site. 

Thanks Vika for the inspiration and above all: for the role model!

"When words follow days" is the first thing that comes to mind. The woman not only has a vision, she has power. Thank you Vika for spoiling us with your beautiful, feminine, unique jewellery - and without a guilty conscience!

...and who has not yet found a suitable Christmas present for girlfriend, mother, sister, aunt, wife or oneself: this is the way to go.

Text from Nadine Primo

Photographer Marcel Kamps