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VIKA jewels snake tshirts
VIKA jewels snake tshirts
Snakes hiss, glide, climb, bite, strangle - and fascinate people of all times and cultures with their versatile nature. Since the dawn of historiography, the scaled reptiles have inspired the human imagination. Whether in ancient Egypt, in the early dynasties of China or in ancient Greece - the animals with the split tongue were the subject of myths and legends in every age. In the Christian world, it appears right at the beginning of the Bible as the embodiment of evil, but this meaning is only one of many. The symbolism of the serpent is diverse and contradictory: it stands for life, renewal and resurrection, but also for destruction, poison and death.

Due to its flexible anatomy, the snake can take on countless forms. In artistic representations - from sketches to sculptures to jewelry - its shape can be meaningful. One particular form: The circular snake biting its own tail. In ancient Greece, this pictorial symbol was called "Ouroboros" - translated, it means "self-eater." Circular, the snake represents eternity, the cosmic cycles of energies, the cycle of life, the holistic. A precursor of this symbol can be found with a circular dragon on ancient Chinese artifacts. The circular serpent first appears on one of the shrines at the sarcophagus of Tutankhamun - the pharaoh with the world-famous golden death mask.
Timeless jewelry

Snakes also have a long, multifaceted history as inspiration for jewelry. Queen Cleopatra wears a snake bracelet on a bas-relief carved in limestone on display at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. In the ancient Near East, jewelry and ornaments of the legendary creeping creatures were considered symbols of power. In addition, the snake repeatedly appears on jewelry in various cultures as a protective symbol against evil. The belief behind it: Jewelry wearers benefit from the power and wisdom of the snake and are thus protected from harm.

The enthusiasm for snake jewelry has lasted until today. Snake design is timeless. Rings, bracelets or necklaces in the shape of the coiled reptiles nestle around the fingers, wrists and necks of famous women on red carpets and unknown beauties on the sidewalks of metropolitan cities or country lanes. They all shine a little more with their snake jewelry. What meaning the snake has for them? That remains their secret for now. Maybe they will tell you. And if you are looking for snake jewelry yourself, check out the collection of VIKA Jewels. There you'll find various pieces of jewelry, from sleek necklaces to powerful signet rings, representing the multi-faceted reptile.

Or now even t-shirts ;)
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