Recycled sterling silver jewelry. 18ct gold plated
Designed in Berlin. Handmade in Bali. Shipping worldwide


VIKA jewels female body ring jewellery
VIKA jewels female body ring jewellery
The beauty of a woman's body encompasses various aspects, starting with the physical form. The female anatomy, with its gentle curves and sinuous lines, contributes to aesthetics. The harmony between different parts of the body, such as the shoulders, waist and hips, creates a unique silhouette.
Furthermore, beauty is reflected in the way a woman moves. The elegance and grace in movement give her presence a special expressiveness. The ability to move with confidence while maintaining a natural grace contributes to overall beauty.
However, true beauty goes beyond the purely physical. Self-acceptance and self-love play a crucial role. A woman who feels comfortable in her body and appreciates herself radiates an inner beauty that goes far beyond external features.
A woman's charisma and authenticity also contribute to her beauty. The ability to express emotions and present herself in an authentic way gives a woman a unique appeal. It is this connection between outer appearance and inner self that truly defines the beauty of a woman's body.
VIKA jewels female body ring jewellery